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Glass Cleaner


BD clean Glass Cleaner is de ultieme glasreiniger voor het reinigen van alle soorten glasoppervlakten.


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BD Clean Glass Cleaner is a specialised glass cleaner that has been uniquely formulated to remove all dirt from windscreens, this includes silicon, wax-based stains, smudges and even insects.  This powerful and effective  windscreen cleaner formula is designed to remove all dirt and grime quickly and easily, without any elbow grease from you, leaving you with a gleaming, smear-free windscreen and crystal clear vision but only half of the work.

BD Clean car glass cleaner comes as a ready to use formula that is extremely quick acting and leaves absolutely no smears or streaking, giving you a sparkling clear windscreen.  This product has been specially designed so that it is safe for use on all types of glass, this even includes tinted windscreens.  Made to the highest quality and with the finest ingredients, this is a must have in detailing products and is an ideal product for show cars and motorbikes leaving a high quality finish to your glass like you’ve never seen before.

This BD Clean car glass cleaner  is a must have item in your  vehicle maintenance kit, removing all dirt and grime to give you an unrestricted and completely clear view from your windscreen, with long lasting effects.   Use our BD Clean glass cleaner alongside our other specialised car cleaning products to give your car a new lease of life, making it look almost as good as new.

Available in 500ml spray top bottles.

Application Directions:

  • Before you use glass cleaner to clean and shine up your windows and glass, you should make sure your car has been washed and is clean first (if you have to do this after there’s a good chance you’ll ruin your beautifully clean windows).
  • Double check the directions on the back of the car glass cleaner product to ensure you are using it correctly and it is safe to use on your glasswork.
  • Spray the windscreen cleaner directly onto the windscreen and use a soft cloth to rub the glasswork completely clean, getting rid of any dirt, debris and insects.  If any dirt remains, simply repeat this step until the window is perfectly clean.
  • Using a clean, dry and soft cloth or buffer, rub over the glass to remove any potential smears that might have been caused by the glass cleaner.   Some people choose to use newspaper to complete this step, as the carbon in the paper is especially good at absorbing any residue windscreen cleaner, and removing all smears on the glass.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all windows and glass in your vehicle.

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