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Rain Repellent


BD Clean Rain Repellent zorgt ervoor dat tijdens de regen uw ruitenwissers niet meer hoeft te gebruiken en het water door zijn unieke eigenschappen afstoot en uw zicht optimaal blijft.


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Our powerful and effective BD Clean Rain Repellent greatly improves visibility through your windscreen in rainy and wet conditions.  It has been specially designed to help to repel water from your windscreen vastly improving wet weather driving visibility. Furthermore, our high quality windscreen repellent has also been formulated to help prevent the build-up of ice, helping to keep your windscreen frost free.  Our fantastic long-lasting rain repellent is highly effective at breaking up water molecules, helping to dissipate them from your windscreen.

Car windscreens have a tendency to lose their level of visibility over time, general use of the car and wear and tear on the glass, can often lead to a filthy  windscreen, without you even realising it.  As road oils, debris, grit and other dirt like insects and bird droppings, build up over time, the visibility from your windscreen greatly (but slowly) reduces.  To add to this external elements such as acid rain and ice, can contain substances and dirt that leave smears and grime over your windscreen, also limiting its transparency.  For this reason many experts highly recommend the use of a high quality rain repellent or windscreen repellent treatment that is designed to give motorists a better view through their glass by repelling dirt and grime, reducing its ability to cling to the glass and limit your view.

Application Directions:

  • The first thing you need to do is give your windows a really good clean.  Before you can add the rain repellent you need to ensure that the surface you are applying it to is completely clean and free from dirt or residue.   This step is crucial to ensuring you are able to apply your windscreen repellent without causing any streaks or marks, therefore it is a good idea to use a detergent designed to break down tough stains.   After you have cleaned your glass give it a thorough check to make sure the surface is completely flat and free from dirt.
  • By following the directions for use on the side of the product, begin to apply the rain repellent carefully and evenly.  Use the correct equipment and take your time over this job, if you do not do it properly you will be able to see marks and stains through your glass.  If you have tinted windows, always make sure the product is suitable and safe to use.
  • Once you have added windscreen repellent to all of the glass windows in your car, begin to apply it to the external mirrors to, to increase your lateral view of the road when driving in wet conditions.
  • Allow 24 hours for the treatment to set onto the glass and dry properly.  Check the glass for signs of rippling or streaking caused by the rain repellent, if you see any you will need to completely remove the treatment and start again, taking more care when you re-apply the windscreen treatment for a second time.

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