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Tyre Dressing


BD Clean Tyre Dressing, Mooie zwarte banden maar geen extreme glans!

Uw banden zullen weer de uitstraling krijgen of ze nieuw zijn.

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This high quality BD Clean Tyre Dressing.

No car cleaning or finishing process is truly complete without a full tyre clean and shine. You can clean your car as thoroughly as you like, if you make no effort to clean and finish the tyres of your car it won’t look entirely finished, and you’ll be left wondering where you went wrong.   This is why we specially designed the BD Clean car tyre dressing, formulated specifically to give your tyres a new lease of life, making them look almost as good as new.

The BD Clean Tyre Shine is a curable, water based formula that has been made to adhere to the surface of rubber to create a waterproof barrier and leave the treated surface looking like new, with a stylish finish.  The ingenious formula of this tyre dressing is also designed to help to rejuvenate the rubber of your vehicle, making it last long and giving it an added layer of protection.  Our specially formulated tyre dressing is guaranteed to give your tyres a blacker and shinier look, without flicking as much as cheaper tyre shine products might.  For easy use, it has been made to work on both wet and dry tyres.

This car tyre dressing is available in a 500ml bottle

Application Directions:

Always remember to avoid getting any tyre shine onto the bodywork of your car.  The tyre dressing is very strong, made with oils and waxes that could potentially damage your bodywork, and/or leave a deposit behind.  It is especially damaging to matte and vinyl wrapped cars.

  • The very first thing you need to do is ensure that your tyres have been properly cleaned.  For the car tyre dressing to work properly it is essential that is clings to the tyre well and it cannot do this if there is dirt or grime in the way.  Using a suitable tyre treatment or shampoo, clean the tyres thoroughly with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.  If the dirt is embedded into the grain of the tyre you may need to use a tougher scrubbing brush to lightly remove the dirt.
  • As the BD Clean tyre dressing is designed to work on wet tyres, there is no need to dry your tyres before applying the product.  Remember to always read the instructions on the side of the product first to ensure you use it properly.  Some people prefer to dry their tyres first as they find this helps the tyre shine to flick less during application.
  • You can now being applying the car tyre dressing, remember to apply it evenly to help reduce the amount it flicks onto your paint work.
  • Leave the tyre dressing to settle for a few minutes, follow the instructions on the product as a guide. Then using a clean and soft sponge, carefully dab off any excess tyre shine.

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