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Upholstery Fabric Cleaner 500ml



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The BD Clean Upholstery Cleaner is excellent and easy way to effectively remove stubborn stains and unsightly marks from the fabric interior of your car. Highly concentrated our seat cleaner is powerful at tackling tough marks, helping to bring your fabric back to its original colour and state, making it look almost as good as new again.  To add to this our high quality fabric cleaner is also beautifully fragranced and will leave your car smelling like new for days to come.

Keeping the inside of your car clean is just as important as cleaning the exterior of your car, if you do not do this regularly it could become permanently stained and potentially ruined.  Simply vacuuming the carpets and seats inside your car isn’t enough, through general wear and tear your seats will absorb all kinds of dirt and grime, not to mention they will likely become discoloured through being in sunlight.  By using a high quality interior cleaner, such as BD Clean upholstery cleaner, you can remove all of the dirt that has been absorbed, removing all odours in your fabric and helping by adding a protective layer to the fabric.

This product comes in a 500ml Bottle

Application Directions:

  • Before you can start to use your interior cleaner you first need to clean the inside of your car thoroughly.  Vacuum the seats and remove all dirt, hair, food and anything else buried in the crevices of your seats, removing all loose dirt.
  • Now you have clean seats, you’re ready to go. Apply the fabric cleaner onto the fabric of your seat, using the directions on the side of the product as a guide.  Apply sparingly, our seat cleaner is incredibly powerful so you will not need to use too much.   Continue doing this until you have cleaned all of the fabric in your car.
  • With a separate, clean and damp cloth, wipe down the seats to remove any residue seat cleaner. If possible try to use a microfiber cloth as they are excellent at collecting dirt and grime and are incredibly soft, making them less likely to catch on and pull at the fabric.
  • Consider adding a layer of fabric conditioner to soften the seats and increase the beautiful aroma they let off for days, or sealant to help protect the upholstery.
  • Allow the seats to dry naturally, checking to make sure there are no stains that need another clean.


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