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Upholstery Fabric Sealant 500ml



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The BD Clean upholstery sealant is a high quality seat sealant that provides a unique and specially created interior protection for your seats, giving it an added layer of protection against future spills and bleaching from sunlight.  Our stain repellent and durable fabric sealant is formulated so that once it has been applied to your car interior it will keep the fabric protected daily, from stains and other dirt. Our interior protection product is also beautifully fragranced, adding a layer of seat protection to your fabric to prevent against offending odours.

This strong and powerful upholstery sealant is uniquely designed to give the fabric in your car ultimate interior protection. It does this by covering each individual fibre with an invisible layer that repels dirt and most liquids so that they are unable to penetrate the surface and instead roll away, helping to keep the interior of your car looking cleaner for longer. This gives you more time to get to spills and clean them up.  Perfect as an upholstery sealant, this fabric sealant is also known to be extremely useful for use on car carpets too.

Application Directions:

  • Before you do anything you first need to clean the inside of your car. If you do not remove all dirt and grime from the interior of your car before attempting to clean it then it will be much more difficult for you to clean thoroughly and it may be impossible for you to remove offensive odours.  First vacuum the seats, ensuring you get rid of all dirt, hair, food and anything else buried in the crevices and under your seats.
  • With a clean interior, the next step is to apply a high quality, powerful and effective seat cleaner to the fabric of your car, using the directions as given on the product as a guide. Continue to do this until all of the fabric in your car has been cleaned.    Remember to avoid using too much  seat cleaner, it can be very strong stuff.
  • With a clean, soft and damp cloth, remove any residue seat cleaner by wiping it away. If possible try to use a microfiber cloth for this job as they are extremely effective in collecting dirt and grime and are very soft, which means they are much less likely to pull at the fabric and ruin it.
  • Now your fabric is clean you need to leave it to dry, it is best to leave it overnight.
  • With dry seats you can now add your layer of seat protection to your upholstery.  Open all windows and doors to your car to ensure the area is well ventilated before you begin.   Shake the product well and spray onto the fabric
  • Allow the fabric to dry for approximately 3-4 hours before use.


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